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Contact us at 301-526-8273 for all of your horse transport needs east of the Rockies. We are based in Howard County, Maryland, but spend most of the time on the road, so you never know, I just might be in your neighborhood for that last minute transport.

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I quote trips based on the zip code of the pickup and delivery address, number of horses you are shipping, and your preference of a box or straight stall. Tolls are inluded in the quote. Yes, you can expect to pay at minimum $1 per loaded mile, varying depending on current fuel prices in states traveled en-route.

What you should know about tolls

If you live in areas along 95 and generally around New York and New Jersey, you can expect VERY HIGH TOLLS. Here are some basic toll rates for a COMMERCIAL trailer like mine - tolls are much higher than for a car!:

  • Throgs Neck Bridge: $31 each direction
  • George Washington Bridge (southbound only: $85
  • New Jersey Turnpike end to end: $42.50
  • Delaware Memorial bridge (southbound only): $20
  • Aberdeen Bridge (northbound only): $31
  • Bay Bridge: $18

Tolls are split among horses traveling same route!

We are USDOT and FMCSA licensed and carry $750,000 in liability insurance and $25,000 in cargo. The USDOT number is 1721853 and Motor Carrier number is 634408.

We strongly encouarge you to check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations website at which allows you to research a company's registration, insurance, and accident history for any horse transport company you are considering.

Health requirements for travel

A valid coggins is required for horses traveling within Maryland and between Maryland and Northern Virginia, but a health certificate is required when moving across state lines. Some states have additional vaccine requirements. We do our best to stay apprised of the various state rules, but ask our clients to participate in learning about the requirements for their horse's travel.

Request a quote for your horse's next journey by phone at 301-526-8273 or email