Equine and Pet Photography

Do you like the photographs on this site? Most of them were taken by Athena at horse shows and private farms. If you'd like photographs taken of your horse, contact Athena. She'll photograph horses at horse shows, race events, or your farm. Get a group of friends together for the best rates. She shoots with a digital Nikon SLR and provides you with a CD of your photographs.

Interested? Call 301-526-8273

When not on the road with horses, Ms. Haresign is a business and marketing consultant - don't worry, your horses are in good hands, even if Athena isn't doing the hauling!

Consulting services for small businesses

Do you have a small business idea, but need help putting together a business plan? Not sure how to effectively market your services? Look no further!

When not promoting and operating the Horse Jitney, Athena consults with small businesses in many industries developing business plans, marketing plans, and marketing materials.

Let her help you:

  • evaluate your current strategy
  • identify opportunities
  • develop quantifiable solutions

Use the Internet as a business tool

Are you making the most of the Internet? Do you know how to effectively use the Internet to attract and retain customers? Not sure how your business can benefit? Athena has been developing effective e-business strategies since 2000 when she co-founded VetInsite, an innovative portal solution for pet owners to communicate with their clients. Let her help you succeed online.

Create websites that work

Need help establishing an online presence? Athena can help you identify website features that work, and the common pitfalls to avoid.

With her help you'll learn:

  • intuitive navigation
  • colors to avoid
  • how to write for the web
  • which photographs to use
  • how to create a clear, consistent message

Need a quality website at a reasonable price? Discuss your needs with Athena - chances are she can help, or knows someone who can.

A few of my clients and projects