We make show day fun and successful

Ever wish you had a horse savvy person to help you on show day? A groom, horse holder, or even a ground coach, especially when you're new to showing or you have a young horse? The Horse Jitney offers just this service for horses we transport to the show.

Our Show Services

  • Grooming & Running
  • Horse Baby-sitting
  • Ground Coach
  • Personal Photographer
  • Horse Transportation

The Horse Jitney has access to many qualified equine grooms capable of making show day a pleasure for you and your horse. We keep you hydrated, walk and hold your horse, wipe boots and tack, keep you spiffy, and shine your horse. Our grooms understand show days can be stressful and work with you for the best results.

Got a specific need? Ask us how we can help!

Ground coach

We are experienced hunter, jumper, and dressage riders who can help you warm up, check courses, and identify ways to help you and your horse relax and succeed. We're there for you during warm-up to be your eyes on the ground, and we help you confidently take your horse into the ring. We provide honest feedback with suggestions for improvement and hurrahs for the good stuff. A Horse Jitney coach is a valuable asset, especially when your trainer can't make the show. We're great at calming those butterflies and helping be successful AND enjoy the experience!

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Want to capture your day in pictures? There's nothing more special than those candid moments between you and your horse to complement performance photos. For more information, visit our photography and marketing page or just give us a call at 301-526-8273.