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If there's anything I've learned in all my years of owning horses, it's that they are predicably unpredictable, and you have to plan for the unthinkable. When I had my trailers built, I wanted something that would offer the most flexibility for horses who don't like trailers, and more importantly, for when things go wrong.

For me, the best solution I could come up with was a trailer that could have every single piece of internal equipment removed quickly and easily, but allowed options to strip only certain pieces such as the center divider, head divider, center post (at the head), stall doors, butt bars, and breast bars. Both of my trailers are designed just this way - everything removes if needed.

Little did I know that this flexibility would turn out to be extremely valuable when hauling an extreme colic case. In fact, the very first trip with my Kingston in 1998 was an emergency colic case to New Bolton - unfortunately for the horse, she had a twisted gut and didn't survive surgery, but we made it to New Bolton in record time with a horse who was rolling and upside down most of the trip. The trailer design made it safe for horse and humans to give her a chance at survival.

Both trailers have extra lights at the horse's head and butt, making it possible for a veterinarian to suture a wound on-board, if needed, and for humans and horses to remain as safe as possible in the event of a night-time accident or urgent haul. My trailers can be configured like a stock trailer or have individual box stalls, or standard straight stalls. A sick horse cannot get caught under the breast or butt bars, and humans have several options as far as interacting with a violently ill horse.

There's nothing worse than having a colicky horse, and no horse transportation! Please keep our number posted in your barn for those horrible moments when you've got six trailers and no truck to pull them with - if we can help you out, we will.

Post our number in your barn - 301-526-8273

Our trailers are stored near Columbia, Maryland, convenient to private and university based equine medical centers such as Marion Dupont Equine Center and New Bolton Center.

Colicky horses can ship in an open or "box stall" trailer if they are at risk for going down, but we'll configure the trailers to best suit the situation for horse and human safety.

We will do everything in our power to get your sick or injured horse to medical facilities safely and quickly, but of course, human safety must come first, so we drive according to conditions and only enter the trailer when safe to do so, regardless of what's happening inside. Human safety is our first priority, with our equine passengers a very close second.

Emergency? Call anytime, 24 hours a day 301-526-8273

When things don't go as planned, and you're faced with saying goodbye to a good friend, we can transport your deceased horse for cremation or burial provided there is a tractor available at both pickup and delivery site.

Routine veterinary visits

Sometimes your horse requires a trip to your veterinarian for non-urgent evaluation such as radiographs, ultrasounds, and dental work. We're happy to take you to your appointment. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Percy's story

On the day my horse Percy came down with colic, I was flying home from a business trip, so I drove straight from the airport to the farm in my car. By the time I arrived, it was apparent Percy needed to be shipped. Although my trailer was right there, I didn't have my tow vehicle, and even if I did, I didn't feel comfortable driving him in my bumper-pull trailer, so I called Athena because I knew her driving skills, cool head, and trailer were the right combination to get Percy to the hospital fast. Luckily, she was already hooked up, so in under an hour Percy was on the road to New Bolton.

Percy had a lipoma constricting his intestine and needed colic surgery or else he would have died. It was a great relief to me that Athena was available and I didn't have to face those difficult decisions alone. I'm happy to say that Percy is back to his old self, and showing first level at age 21! Thank you, Athena, for helping Percy and me get through that horrible day - Pam Deem-Hergan.

A word from Kate

In December 2007 an unexpected snowfall caught the Maryland area completely off-guard - not sure how that can happen with this doppler radar I keep hearing about, but at any rate, it did snow and get very, very icy that night. I was out playing in the snow with my friends, but this one horse that I really can't stand just didn't understand that I'm the alpha mare in this herd, and what I say goes!

Well, we'd been at it for a few days, with me insisting, and him resisting. In fact, he kicked me in my hind leg hard a few days before and I was still feeling it, but he made me kind of mad, so I thought I'd better set him right. Unfortunately for me, it didn't work out so well.

He kicked me hard, right in the same leg, and OUCH it really hurt! I mean REALLY hurt! My mom was right there, and would you believe she got mad at me for trying to put him in his place? She iced my leg - I didn't really like that - wrapped it up and put me to bed, threatening me to be quiet and we'd go see the doctor in the morning.

Did I mention it HURT? Ok, so I'm a princess, and not really a tom-boy... It hurt so much that my belly hurt... I just wanted my mom to give me attention, but would you believe the next thing I know she put me in the trailer and took me to the medical center in Leesburg? In the middle of the night, on icy roads we drove to the hospital. I didn't really think this was necessary and was bright eyed and bushy tailed when we got there... I sure didn't want that stomach tube down my nose...

I should probably tell you my mom owns the Horse Jitney llc, so she pretty much knows how to handle those icy roads, and she made sure we got there ok. Unfortunately, she didn't stop those people from putting that tube down my nose... can you believe that? You'd think if she can drive a horse trailer in snow and ice, she could make them stop... and let's not even discuss the broken bones in my leg...

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